Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rough week :-(

Well, I have to say this has been a rough week.

  • After 2 days of walking on the treadmill, my foot was bothering me so badly I was walking like a 87 year old woman
  • I was unbelievably bloated and gained about 4 pounds back
  • I was hungrier than normal and had serious case of the munchies.  Not enough to account for the 4 pounds.  I was still good.
  • I was also unbelievably gouchy....leading me to believe a case of PMS was in the works
  • The mom taxi was running overtime running to and from school activities
The weight was what hit me the hardest.  I have been doing so well at eating a good menu.  I had just stated working out on the treadmill and was sooooo upset that the pounds added instead of dropping off.  I can do okay if I continue to see the pounds drop off, even if slowly.  But to see such a big jump for no reason was heartbreaking.  If that was going to be how it was going to go, why was I doing all of this?  This is what has caused me to fail in the past and go back to my bad habits.

But I kept telling myself, this was likely just hormonally induced and that I needed to just stick with the plan and ride it out.  So I did.  I stuck with the food plan.  I did allow a few more snacks to try to keep the hunger in check, but they were still of the good choice variety.  I didn't make it on the treadmill much due to the busy schedule, but I did get a good outdoor walk in on Saturday and will be back on the treadmill up this week.

So the positive note is that while it was a rough week and my scale wasn't very nice to me, I survived.  I didn't fall off the wagon.  I kept going and persevering.  I realized that this was just one small blip in my journey and there are going to be times along the way that don't go as planned.  But I don't want to let food and weakness get the best of me.  I am stronger than that.  So here's to a new week.  The good news is that the number on the scale is back down and I am ready to take this week head on.  Here's to a good one.  :-)

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