Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small steps toward better choices

Today we had a lunch meeting at work.  Sandwich tray and chips from Jason’s Deli.  I have to say it was quite eye opening to see how far I have come from the choices I was making 6 months or a year ago and knowing that I still have issues to deal with. 

Some choices today I could have made better:
  • Getting the sandwich on wheat bread instead of white
  •  Stopping at half a sandwich instead of having another half.
  •  Getting Road beef instead of turkey for my second serving

I have to give myself a pat on the back for making some good choices.
  •  I ate half a turkey sandwich (other half was roast beef)
  •  I didn’t add any mayo
  •  I didn’t have any chips
  •  I went back to my desk and ate an apple and sugar free jello
  •  I didn’t take/eat a third half sandwich even though the extras were sitting on the break room table screaming “Eat me, you know you want to!  It’s just one more.”  I will admit that I had it in my hand but put it back realizing what a bad choice that was (wrapped in a napkin so I didn’t put back food I “touched”).  Thank goodness no one walked into the room to see me having that personal growth moment!

It’s nice to know that the positive choices I am making now outnumber the bad choices.  And that the bad ones really aren’t that bad….I didn’t eat an entire tub of ice cream or anything (although that does sound good….no, no, just say no).  I really have to keep telling myself this is a marathon, not a sprint.  I am doing things at a slower pace so they will stick with me.  I feel like they are. 

The food part has been pretty easy to maintain for the most part.  I don’t seem to long for the really bad things I was once eating on a regular basis, often multiple times a day.   I am happy eating the foods I have been.  I am still eating foods that I want, just trying to make better choices (lower fat versions, more fruits/veggies, more lean meats).  They taste good and I enjoy eating them.  I don’t feel deprived by what I’m eating.  I thing I continue to struggle with is the portions.  I still want to eat more….because I like the food.  Still waiting for my body to tell me to stop eating and to be able to listen to that message and act on it.

It’s a journey.  But today I am celebrating the successes I have achieved.  Progress, not perfection.

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