Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Turbo Jam "adventure"

I have to be the most uncoordinated person on the face of the planet!!!!  I found out about a "Turbo Jam" class being taught at work by a friend of mine so decided to give it a try.....ugh!  Thank goodness there were no mirrors and no other people to judge me.  The rest of the class wasn't able to make it tonight so I got 1:1 time with the teacher.  I think she is a saint....she was so patient with me and I didn't even hear her snicker, not even once.

Do any of you mom's out there know the big tall red guy on "Yo Gabba Gabba" Muno?  Yeah, I think that's kinda what I looked like.  I think I could have easily been mistaken for a wounded animal and if there was anyone with a rifle wandering by I might have been put down.  Is it wrong to drink before working out?  I mean really, isn't it like going out dancing at a club?  I always think I can move better when inebriated.  I realize that I can't but I think that I can.

My body was not meant to move like that. I have a complete inability to coordinate my brain, eyes, arms and legs.  I cannot watch the evil woman on the screen, think about what I need to attempt to make my body do, and actually get a movement to happen all at the same time.  Much less get the "movement" to resemble, even by the loosest of definitions, what the evil lady demonstrated.  Have I mentioned that I am a BIG white girl with NO rhythm?    There has to be a wire that connects my brain and hands that was left unattached when I was put together in the factory....yet another defective part.  Seriously I could not even play piano or video games as a kid.  My poor parents....what a ridiculous waste of money those years of piano lessons were.

And of course just when I might maybe almost be figuring out what the evil lady is telling me to do with myself she has to go and change it to something different....ugh!

But I did it.  For me that is a huge accomplishment.  As if one hour wasn't enough punishment, the teacher sent me home with the DVD for the weekend.....oh yay!!  That just has fun written all over it!  So it looks like I have homework to get ready for Monday's class.  Hopefully I can make at least a little progress and not look like such a epileptic spaz.  Shall we take bets as to whether or not I find some way to talk myself out of going back??  What can I bribe myself with??  lol

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