Saturday, March 10, 2012

30+ pounds - where has it gone??

So I have now lost over 30 pounds since last August.  I thought I would share where I feel like I have noticed it the most.

  • Waist - probably the number one place I have noticed the change.  
    • My "fat" jeans (the larger size I own) are now so loose on me that I can pull them off and on without unbuttoning or zipping them.  They hang off my butt.  I NEED to get a belt if I am going to keep wearing them.  
    • My "skinny" jeans are now loose too, instead of having to do the shimmy dance to even get into them (and with a HUGE muffin top spilling over the top of all the fat that wouldn't fit in) I can easily button and zip them, with some room to spare.
    • My exercise/lounge pants that I wear around the house - I have started having to cinch i and tie the drawstring on them to keep them from falling off and mooning the entire family.

  • Face - I am a very visual person and I love pictures (let me clarify - I love pictures of things other than myself, I barely tolerate pictures of myself).  I think photos tell stories in ways that words cannot.  I LOVE looking at before and after photos of other people.  I find it inspiring.  I have been taking weekly photos of myself at the challenge of a friend of mine that has lost 50+ pounds in 32 weeks doing Weight Watchers.  She faithfully takes a weekly photo and posts it to track her progress and she has done a few side by side comparisons along the way.  I was happy with one of my recent weekly photos so I posted it as my facebook profile picture.  I got comments from several friends telling me I looked great and asked if I had I lost weight.  So i decided to share my story with them (until then I had only shared that I was dieting with a few select friends, not put myself out there publicly).  Then I looked at the date on my last profile pic and realized it had been a year to the month from when it was taken.  So I did  a side by side comparison of my facebook profile pictures - Feb 2011 to Feb 2012.  A difference of about 20-25 pounds probably (I wasn't at my heaviest in Feb 2011 - that was in Aug).  It is not the most dramatic comparison photo I have ever seen, but it certainly shows there has been progress.  That is what I need to keep going - progress.  As long as I keep getting even a little, the optimist in me keeps going.

  • Bra - I have noticed that I now have my bra straps cinched as small as they will go and have the hooks at the smallest size.  I have extra room in the cups and the "girls" are not spilling out over the top.  I don't think it will be too long before I will have to order new bras.  This time not because I wore them out and broke the underwire but because they are TOO BIG!  Great problem to have!  I sure hope that Lane Bryant has their buy one get one half off sale again soon!  :-)
  • Back fat - at my heaviest when I looked in the mirror I saw how "lumpy" I was.  I had bulges that poked out from my bra, above the waistband of my pants and prob other places too.  What I am noticing is how much those are lessening.

So I just wanted to share with you where I think the weight has gone.  I would love to hear stories of where you notice your weight loss from!!!

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