Monday, January 21, 2013

Motivational Monday - 1/21/13

Last week was survival week.  It was not a week for impressive numbers.  The Biggest Loser contest I am hosting has kicked off and I was super busy entering the names and info of almost 400 contestants into a spreadsheet….yikes!  I am THRILLED beyond words with that turnout.  It is very touching to see the comments of thanks from those participating thanking me... to help give them something to work towards or help keep them motivated and accountable.  I really love helping others so while this is a lot of work, the blessings far outweigh any negative from it.  So needless to say I had some much shorter nights than I should have.  One goal for this week is to get my sleep back on track!

Last week was also TOM for me, which is never a good week on the scale. Hoping that this week holds true to past trends and will be a good loss week.  I did do a major happy dance in the bathroom yesterday morning to see another best (207.4) on the scale but was back up again today (that is VERY normal for me to see a low and then take a couple days or longer to get back to it.  Another reason it is good to track your progress so you can see trends and not get as frustrated by what is normal for your body).  Gotta love water weight!

Since it is Biggest Loser night (and I will be working out on the treadmill while watching) it seems fitting to have my motivational quote of the day come from the show.

It's been an emotional day...I made another 5k personal record while watching biggest loser tonight and working on the treadmill.  38:30.  I ran some 5.2, 5.5, 5.7 and 6.0 one minute intervals!!!!!  6.0 is the fastest I have run on the treadmill so far!  I was sooooo stoked!  And to have finished my 5k as the BL contestants were running across the finish line of their first 5k....needless to say I cried!  Then when my middle daughter was asking me how I did on the treadmill tonight I told her how many calories I burned, how far I'd walked/jogged, how many steps I took, how fast I went and my 5k pr...she told me how proud of me she was. Repeatedly.  There was genuine pride in her eyes.  It is truly amazing to be a role model to your children and show them that you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter how difficult it is.

my calorie burn during biggest loser tonight....not too shabby!

But the highlight of my week though BY FAR is my husband taking the next step in reclaiming his health.  He is really working on overcoming his food addictions.  I know firsthand just how hard that is and I seriously could not be more proud of him for it.  I would love it if you all gave him a shout of of encouragement and support in the comments!  I am hoping to get him to write a guest blog post one of these days!  

So on to my weekly results (Jan 14-20)
Monday weight:  210.4 (up 0.2 from last Monday's weigh in)
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  down 2.0 for the week
Workouts last week:  5
Workout minutes:  330
Total miles last week:  9.45
Times at the YMCA:  4

Weekly progress pic:


  1. well done to your hubby :) it is a hard road to take but it will be so worth it. Good for him :) Thanks again for the MLFC challenge Jennifer, anything encouraging like that will give people HOPE when it comes to achieving their goals :) Keep smiling and keep running :) mwah xx

  2. WTG on your 5k run!! I always cry when I hit a milestone with my running :) Congrats on your hubby deciding to join you on your journey to get healthy. Every since my husband has come on board our relationship has improved 100%! It's fantastic!