Sunday, February 19, 2012

I used to love my DVR

Well the new treadmill is finally out of the box and setup.  We were up until about 1am getting it put together.  We probably should have put it together in the bedroom I plan to use it in, but we started in the livingroom.  So that made dragging it down the hall and around the corner quite a fun chore.  Then I had a scare that it was going to be too wide to fit through the door.....CRAP (well, that's not exactly what I said).  But we were able to shimmy it into place.

So then I had this big piece of machinery next to my bed.  I kept telling myself I was super excited to use it.  My daughter ran a 6-7 mph mile in what seemed like 2 minutes to break it in....showoff.  I thought I liked that kid. So I couldn't let her show me up right off the bat.  I knew I needed to just bite the bullet and get on the thing.  So I did.

I decided to watch tv while walking tonight.  Hoping that would make time go by quickly and I would get so wrapped up in the show I would forget I was working out.  Bonus would be that I would actually be able to delete some of the 90+ shows on my DVR.

So the good news is I got three 30 minute shows deleted during my about 3.5 mile walk tonight (yeah, slow I know.  Just starting out so cut me some slack folks!)  Is it possible that I could actually get caught up on my DVR??  The bad news.....I think I now hate watching tv and my DVR.  Never did I think I would be saying those words.  Have I mentioned that I HATE exercising???  I dream of a day I will actually not mind it, dare I say someday even enjoy it.  Yeah, wish me luck with that one!

Ok, so here's to hoping that I can actually make a habit out of getting on the treadmill on a regular basis.  I really hope it will help get the weight coming off a little faster to help with the motivation factor.  Please let it be worth the investment.  I really don't need a $500 clothes rack!

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