Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have found that the less I eat out at fast food, the less soda I drink.  I have always enjoyed drinking water but the more soda I drink, the more I drink (if that even makes sense).  After I had my daughters caffeine was my crutch to get me through the day after those long infant sleepless nights (Dr. Pepper to be specific).  After my third daughter,I switched over to more coffee.  I couldn't continue to intake that many calories.  So I am now doing one or on rare occasions 2 large cups of coffee a day for my caffeine fix.

The rest of the day I am drinking water.  I usually get in the recommended 64 oz.  But sometimes I find that I am not drinking as much as I should be.  My secret trick is flavored water.  I like to use Crystal light but I have found that Wal-Mart carries some additional flavors in their store brand (They have a wide variety of non-standard flavors - grape, strawberry, orange, lime margarita, orange/strawberry/banana in both the individual water bottle size or 2 quart pitcher size).  My absolute favorite flavor is Cherry Limeade....yummy!!!  It absolutely does not taste diet.  Super easy to drink.  I find that it really helps me get extra hydration in during the day.  I carry a few of the individual size in my purse for on-the-go.  They have also worked great for me while traveling, when I really need to make sure I get enough water.

Let me know what your favorite flavor is!

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  1. Great Value Metabolism Peach Mango Green Tea is my favorite!!!! Not a fan of Green tea or anything, but I don't taste any "tea" flavor in's SUPER YUM!!!!