Monday, February 20, 2012

Comments, please!

I was surprised that there were several page views but no comments so far.  I checked the settings and it looks like it was restricted to blogger members only.....oops!  Sorry about that!  I have opened it up so anyone can comment (please).

Let me know if there is something you want to hear about or an experience you have had.  Please share the link to others you know (friends, family, co-workers) that may also be on a weight loss/getting healthy journey.  It would be great if this could be a place where we could all support one another on whatever journey we may be on.  I know I could use all the support I can get....this is probably the most difficult thing I have ever done.  I do not want to be a failure.  Best of luck to all!

PS - don't forget that you can sign up to receive notifications of new posts via email....just put your email address in the white bar at the top of the home page and click on the submit's that simple!

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