Sunday, April 29, 2012

My biggest challenge right now.....portion control & feeling satisfied

Sorry for all the posts today folks.....getting some things off my mind so I can move on and make some progress!  I call it "therapy day" lol

So a few self-realizations in the few days I have been doing the body by vi shakes this week.
1)  I am still really struggling with portion size and overeating.  I am still getting too much of my "entree" and filler on my plate and less of the veggies than I should be.  I continue to not want to stop eating and I have been REALLY bad lately about sneaking a little more food while "putting dinner away".

  • I think part of this is the stress I have been under lately.  I am a stress eater, so in the evening it's easy to want to keep eating out of that habit.
  • I have been so busy that I haven't been as faithful to my meal planning and grocery shopping, that I am rushing and not getting dinner ready at a reasonable time in the evening.
  • Because of that I think another struggle here is that we have been eating so late lately (not getting dinner on the table until between 7 and 8) that I am getting overly hungry and then eating too quickly so I don't realize I am getting full until it's too late and I have overeaten.

2)  I am a food addict. I just like to eat.  I like the way it tastes.  I like the way it makes me feel while eating (until I get guilty about eating too much).
3)  The shakes help me with portion control - the shake recipe is always the same size and I don't have to worry about putting too much on my plate.
4)  I like feeling like I am eating sweets and desserts with the shakes (triple chocolate, cinnamon bun, etc).  I don't feel the "need" for dessert at night nearly as much

So a few changes I will be trying to make for this week:

  • Change to having shakes for breakfast and dinner (instead of lunch).  
    • I can fix my shake for dinner when I get home from work, hopefully preventing me from getting overly hungry and falling into the overeating trap.
    • I will take dinner leftovers for lunch the next day.  This will allow me to pack a more portion controlled size meal and not be around the extra food to eat more than I should.  
Hopefully this change will help me stay on track.  Stay tuned for updates on this experiment.  


  1. You are awesome's hard...first step is acceptance...this you have have accepted you have a disease (as do TONS of Americans) a "disease" of being a food addict and are addicted to food. You GOT this are doing an AMAZING job. I understand stress oh so much and this weekend I have literally been and eaten OUT OF CONTROL!!! Haven't exercised since Thursday...and I feel down in the dumps and like POO!!! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!! I JUST LOVE YOU!!!!!! Hang in there and have an AWESOME week!! Melissa

  2. It is sooooo hard to stay on track. Here's to sticing together and getting back on our game. WE got this!!! Love ya doll! :-)