Sunday, April 29, 2012

analyzing the numbers

I am known as "the spreadsheet queen".  I make a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING!!!  I have been weighing in daily since the beginning of January.  And yup, you guessed it, I made a spreadsheet to track it all. lol.  That can be a good thing and a very frustrating thing.  It has felt like this is the slowest process ever and that it is taking forever for this weight to come off.  There has been a lot of up and down in my daily numbers.  So it has made seeing the progress even more challenging.  So this week I decided to slightly change the way I was looking at the numbers.  Instead of looking at the daily numbers, I decided to do a weekly average.  Then I compare my weekly average number to see if I am up or down for the week.

What I found out from that is that I have been consistently losing 1 pound a week.  Looking at the numbers this way has made it easier to see that there is progress....constant loss instead of getting caught up in the "noise" of the daily number ups and downs.

Now if I can just work on getting the formula right to make the progress faster, then I will be in really good shape!!

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