Monday, December 3, 2012

Motivation Monday

Welcome to another edition of Motivation Monday!  I am excited about my results last week!

Weekly results:
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  down 4.6 pounds (GREAT week!!!)
Workouts last week:  6
Total workout time: 3 hs 54 min
Total miles last week:  18.7

I had the best week I have had in a loooooong time and it feels AWESOME!  Not to sound like a broken record, but I really credit my recent success to running.  I am trying to run every day to keep up with the weight loss I am having and keep the momentum I have gained on my running pace/confidence.  Since I have finished c25k and don't have the scheduled training sessions, my go-to run is w6d2 - 10min jog/3 min walk/10 min jog and then finish a 5k distance with fast walking.  This week I need to plan my next c25k training schedule - my goal will be to increase my speed/pace.  I am thinking of doing a couple of days of tabata sprint training in the week and then keep up with the longer runs on the other days.  I am also working on planning a strength training routine to help with weight/resistance training.  

Upcoming goals - December:
  • Continue next round of c25k training to improve pace
  • Begin sprint training
  • Begin strength training workouts
  • ONEderland (under 200 lbs) by 12/31 (a lofty goal, but I am trying anyway)
  • 4 rest days (1 per week)
I am sooooo excited to get to ONEderland again, this is my motto for the month of December.

I am not allowing myself to use the holidays as an excuse.  I have bigger goals than the cookie, eggnog, or other "treats".  To me, feeling better physically and mentally is more important than giving in to temptation for something that will last such a short time.  Not to say I will be perfect and not eat a thing, but I am trying to ask myself is it worth it and try to stay as strong as I can, which is better than my over-indulgent inner fatty used to do. The strength I am gaining will last so much longer than those "treats".  Meeting my goals and doing my best is the best gift I can give myself this Christmas.

It is only the third day of December.  It is not too late to set your monthly goals and get started on them.  Even if you don't meet them all, you will be much further ahead than if you never set the goals to begin with.

What are your goals this month? 

Sharing my Monday outfit with you...
Pants I got at Goodwill (since I keep "losing out" of my clothes so fast I don't want to pay retail for transition clothes right now!) for $4.99!  They were too small at the time and I could barely get them on and no prayer for zipping to wear them for the first time today.  I feel like I have long thin legs in them.  

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  1. Thank you for this!! I have been eating PB fudge!! N you are right ( and reminded me) that those sweets are SO not worth it!! I will be stronger!! Thanks again!!!

  2. LOVE your blog!!!! I'm a big fan of Goodwill (and other thrift stores).. Still get most of my clothes there..

  3. You're looking great! I always look forward to reading your posts because they inspire me a little more each time. I'm trying to be better about blogging on this journey, so feel free to stop in and comment! I'm not near as disciplined about it as you are but I hope to be soon. :)