Monday, December 17, 2012

Motivational Monday - 12/17/12

Oh what to share this week?  I seriously have so many ideas swimming in my head, I am REALLY hoping for some writing time over my extended holiday break to share some with you!  I have 16 articles in draft mode at the moment – YIKES!

I thought this motivational picture was a good representation for where I am at now...
There are many times I have wanted a burger or insert food here - but I made the choice to say no.
I have said a big screw you to the fat and unhappy old me!
I have gotten on the treadmill many a time, wondering is it really making a difference, but doing it anyway.

It really is all about making good choices!

Last week was hum drum.  Nothing exceptionally exciting going on….just the same ole same ole craziness of life.  I am trying to get in the mood to do my Christmas shopping (yes, I wait until the last minute – I am VERY deadline oriented!)  I don’t know if it’s the unseasonably warm weather or what, but I seem to be in denial that Christmas is NEXT WEEK!  EEK!

I am on target with my December goals.  I took today as my 3rd of 4 rest days for the month after completing 7 straight days of jogging workouts.  I used 2 too close to each other last week, so it will be a challenge to make it through the month with only one more.  I was hoping to push through for a couple more days, but I could tell that it was getting more and more difficult mentally and physically to push through and focus, so thought it was in my best interest to take a rest day.  Today was a beautiful day out and I was fortunate to have meetings in other buildings for work, so I was able to get in a couple of short walks to burn a few bonus calories.  Tomorrow morning I will be hitting the treadmill again!  I have started adding in plank hold and squats to my daily routine.  My legs were sore earlier in the week, but I am quickly building endurance and strength.

I am focusing on trying to eat more fruits and veggies and less carbs.  So lots of green smoothies and carrots/hummus for snacks, and my new fave is greek yogurt parfait!  It is a GREAT source of protein and yum!  I have also been having a salad lunch or a small entrée portion with a salad filler, and cutting back on the rice and potatoes (two of my major weaknesses!).  It seems to be going well and I am not feeling deprived and am pleased with my results for the month so far.

Weekly results:
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  down 1.2 pounds (I made up for my gain last week and down some! - YAY!)
Workouts last week:  7
Workout minutes:  311
Total miles last week: 21.79

What was your biggest challenge or success this week?

And in keeping with the tradition I weekly pic
finally starting to feel a little more curvy instead of just feeling lumpy and bumpy!

Keep an eye out for another post (hopefully in the next couple of days) an update on my jogging.

Have a great week peeps!

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  1. Here's to making progress with lots of challenges.