Thursday, December 6, 2012

OMG 70!! & forgotten measurements

This quote really speaks to how I feel today.  I am sooooo PROUD!  And I do have faith in just how far I can go with this journey.  I have been aiming for several milestones coming up.  I was quite surprised (read SHOCKED) to see the first one of them happen on the scale this morning....I really expected to have to wait a few more days.  I guess my hard work is paying off!

OMG...I have officially hit 70 pounds.  YES, that's SEVEN ZERO as in seventy.  Holy heck!  I am halfway-ish to my goal (140-ish??)...more or less depending on what my body looks like as I get closer.  I honestly can't even wrap my brain around what it would be like to get even close to that weight.  It has been soooooo long!

I was so excited to post my Motivational Monday message, that I completely forgot to add a measurement update that I wanted to share with you.  

From 11/6 to 12/2 I lost another 6.75"....WOW!  I was getting a little frustrated that the scale was still so up and down and that for November I officially only lost 2.2 pounds. Paul Harvey would have said "and that's the rest of the story"!  I think it is safe to say that the running has lead to some muscle gain in addition to fat loss to explain the lack-luster scale movement.  I lost an inch in each thigh!  I lost an inch an a quarter between my two calves!  Not to mention all the other places.  I have to say, this is pretty darn awesome to see!  That is a total of 41.5" inches GONE since mid July!  Being the broken record that I am, I will say one more time, if you aren't taking measurements, you need to be!

So to commemorate this happy day, here is another comparison pic for you...
Yeah, I have to admit, I felt kinda like a hottie in tonight's pic!  ;-)

I am still so amazed by this whole journey.  I am surprised in the strength I have found to stick with it, even when it hasn't been sunshine and rainbows.  The old me was full of fear and excuses.  What if I fail?  What if I disappoint someone?  What if I make a fool of myself?  What if someone makes fun of me?  I can't do that because......  So I would not try or I would quit.  But all that got me was fatter and fatter and more and more unhappy.  So my new motto is "So what?"  I will continue to try, regardless of whether or not I may fail or look silly along the way.  I am so blessed to have had the seed of desire and will placed in my heart and mind to do this and that it has grown into something so special.  

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see that people take the time to read the jibberish I write, and especially comment on it.  I glow when I hear that they are proud of me.  I am excited when someone tells me they feel the same way or understand what I am talking about.  I grin from ear to ear (and often tear up a bit) when someone tells me I inspire them.  My life has been dramatically changed and the best gift in the world is for me to get to share that with others.  So thank you all for continuing to read, to come back, and to share this crazy journey of mine.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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  1. Yea! You are a hottie, work it! Great job. So proud of you for being so committed.

  2. YAY so proud of you!!!!! And YES, you are a HOTTIE....that's a Melissa Shirt!!!! ;-) HA HA

  3. Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment! And I need a blouse like that...perfect BMF armband camouflage! :)

  4. You were beautiful before, but you totally show off your healthy beautiful self now! Good on ya! You look incredible.

  5. You are awesome! I love reading your blog! Keep rockin it girl!

  6. I started at 289.6 and am currently at 212.5. I LOVE reading your blog and I LOVE that I can relate SO much. I JUST hit my half way point (my goal is also 140....ish, depending on what my body is like when I get there) so I know how excited you must be!! Congratulations and keep moving forward. Always!