Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivation Monday - 12/10/12

Sad to say this is the motivation I need today after my Saturday indulgence (thanks so much to my FitClub Aussie friend Kate for sharing this today....just what I needed to see!!!).  

I definitely had a set back this weekend.  It started innocently enough with a dinner date with the hubs.  I haven't had a treat meal for a while, so decided to take a bit of a splurge.  We went to a local mexican restaurant and I ordered my non-healthy favorite.  And dove a bit to deep into the chips and salsa.  And decided white cheese dip would be ok too.  So it wouldn't have been a travesty if I had stopped there.  But, unfortunately I didn't.  We were invited to go out with friends.  Mama doesn't get out too much and I made a couple of non-diet friendly choices.  But I do have to say I had fun.  Was it worth it?  Yes and no.

I really struggle when I stray from my normal routine.  I know I am supposed to allow myself a little give every now and then, but I really hate losing the momentum and progress I have worked soooooo hard to get.  I don't like having to lose the same pound (or few) more than once.  I want this process to be as efficient as possible so I can move into the next phase of the journey.  My problem is that I don't do just a bit of anything.  If I eat one piece of candy, it usually leads to the whole bag.  One cookie leads to a dozen.  You get the point...I tend to "go big or go home".  Moderation is a word I still need to look up the definition of.  Saturday was no exception.

Sunday I think I had a bit of a mental pitty party.  I did ok with my eating but I never made it a priority to get my workout in.  Which made me even more mad at myself.  One of my Dec goals was to only give myself 4 rest days for the month.  I just had my first on Fri the 7th and then turned around and burned another one two days later.  UGH!  Stupid!

Last night I gave myself a rousing halftime speech and decided to get my head back into the game.  Today was a new day!  I was back up with the too early alarm this morning and was hitting the treadmill as if I hadn't missed a beat.  I started round 2 of c25k and completed w1d1 easy peasy at an increased pace of 4.5 mph for the jog and 4.0 for the walk.  I made sure that Saturday was just a setback and not a failure.

So in posting today's stats, I am reminded that that short period of fun cost me over a week's worth of work.    But I am choosing not to dwell on that.  In the words of Rafiki from the Lion King...
So I choose to learn from it.
I will start over as many times as I need to.  And each time it gets just a little bit easier.

Here are my weekly stats - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Weekly results:
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  up 1.0 pound...womp, womp
Workouts last week:  5
Workout minutes:  235
Total miles last week: 16.1 

My weekly pic
(new to me shirt brought to you by my bestie Melissa!  love it!)

What are your struggles?  How do you pick yourself and get started again?  

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  1. This was such an inspiring post, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing! There were several times while reading it that I thought, "Yup, that's me!" I'm all or nothin' and really struggle with moderation as well. Hence my four pound gain while waiting for the Last Loser Standing challenge to begin! WAY TO GO getting back on track, girl! You've come too far to throw in the towel. I seriously look up to you and always look forward to your posts!

    1. Seriously girl you are sooooo sweet! It is so great to hear that I am not the only one that has the feelings/struggles. I truly believe that a significant portion of my healing is coming from sharing my feelings with not only myself, but others. Thank you for letting me know that my story is making a difference. And especially thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. You make my night!!!

  2. I really love your blog and I wish I had read this post yesterday. I, too, am an all or nothing girl which leads to a lot of guilt. This post really points out that I need to learn from my bad choices not dwell on them. I have a really challenging week ahead with Christmas parties and open houses and I need to not go overboard. I need to come up with strategies so I can make it through. Thanks for you blog and sharing.

  3. I am all or nothing too. I am either 100% or 100% off. I had a rather indulgent dinner on Saturday, but I got up Sunday ready to get back in the game.

  4. Jennifer loved your post! I'm a go big or go home kinda girl too :) Thank you for sharing your weelky stats. I have never tracked the number of minutes and miles I've done each week. But will start doing this today. Wishing you continued success on your weight loss and fitness journey.

  5. Like all of the ladies that have already posted...I am an all or nothing kinda girl also. I love the Lion King graphic! I am printing it out and hanging it by my desk. You are so inspiring. It is amazing to have those indulging days and then jumping right back on the bandwagon. I really struggle with that, but I will be keeping you in mind when I don't feel like getting off of the couch!

  6. Just a blip on the radar! And she's back! That is the most important part. And I love the Lion King reference.