Monday, February 18, 2013

Motivational Monday - 2/18/13

Well last week was another whirl-wind crazy week for me!  Really, do I ever having anything other????  I was traveling for work.  If you have been reading this blog and paying attention at all, you may recall that I take extreme comfort in my routine.  So anything that puts a kink in my routine is a challenge for me.  I have to work that much harder to stay on track (and not to mention it was TOM, so throw in a little emotional and irrational and that is just an awesome combo!).  But I am happy to report it was a week of eating well and exercising...YAY! 

I will say that I was surprised at how tough being away from my hubby on Valentine's Day was.  It really caught me off guard how bummed I was to spend the day by myself (here is the irrational - he does taxes and didn't even get home until late that night, so it's not like I missed out on tons of quality time anyway....sheesh).  I tired and wasn't in the mood to workout most evenings, but I did it anyway and that always makes me feel at least a tiny bit better...guilt is really no fun!  I wasn't in my normal routine, so I wasn't taking the classes at the Y that I usually do, lifting weights or even jogging - my workouts basically consisted of walking on the treadmill at the hotel while watching tv on my ipad to pass the time.  But hey, it burned calories! 

I was THRILLED to see the scale continuing to move down last week!  Espec with TOM!!  That made the food and exercise choices worth it!!!  I was able to see 201.2 on the scale......soooooooo close to ONEDERLAND!!!!  I cannot wait for that day!!!  I am hoping for this week, but with traveling again, not 100% sure how my body will react to more routine changes.  Stay tuned to see!  You can bet that I will be blogging it from the rooftops when I do finally get there!!!!

It was GREAT to be back home to spend time with my family this weekend...absence does make the heart grow fonder!  Friday night I got some cuddle time with my hubby while my older girls were at school activities.  Saturday, the momma taxi was in full swing shuttling the kids from swiming lessons, school to decorate for dance, soccer game, dance...but fortunately the hubby and I got to squeeze in a date night and catch a late dinner and a movie (my first cheat meal in 3 weeks!).  I  also did a little shopping to celebrate recent successes and found Old Navy was running a sale on jeans, so I decided to get a pair of the size 14's I was able to get into recently.  And I scored the cute silver sweater top at Lane Bryant on mega clearance and only paid $12 for it!  I have to say I was feeling like a HOT MAMMA for our date on Sat!!!


Other than my family time, I would say that the highlight of my week was on Sunday when I completed another outdoor 5k jog in preparation for upcoming 5k season.  I was elated to find that I was able to jog another entire 5k!  It was awesome to know that when I did it 2 weeks ago it wasn't just a fluke and I really am able to do it!  Last time, my brother in law ran with me, so I had that pressure of not stopping so I wouldn't disappoint myself or him.  This time, he ran ahead with my middle daughter, so I didn't have anyone to push me to keep going.  I had to rely on myself for motivation.  I must have done a decent job of it...I shaved over a minute off my time from 2 weeks ago....not too shabby for not having run all week!!  I think that when you achieve motivating yourself, that is one of the most empowering and amazing experiences.  It makes me sooooo proud of all that I have accomplished and how far I have come.  And I still have so much more to accomplish!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be nice enough that I can get another try in this weekend too.  Another PR would be GREAT! 

The run had an element of adventure to it also...I lost my car keys out of my pocket while running...EEK!  I have heard horrow stories about it, but didn't really think it would happen to me (I don't have that problem when running on the treadmill!!!).  I am VERY GRATEFUL for the good samaritan that stalked found my car and returned the keys safe and sound....I was sooo glad to not have to retrace the trail and try to find them!!!  So I promptly went to Academy sports and I now am the proud owner of a pretty pink fanny pack that I will wear for the upcoming 5k's so I can keep my phone, mp3 player and keys safe and sound! 

5k season is around the corner and I am now offically registered for FOUR races coming up!  YAY!!!  The Diva Dash is on March 9th to start things off.  Then Run 2 Believe will be March 25th, the Color Run Springfield with my gal pal Melissa will be an absoulte BLAST!  And then the Color me Rad race will be May 4th.  I still have a few others I want to do this year, but this will be a good start.

And since 5k season is coming up, I bit the bullet and bought a new pair of tennies....something tells me it was time??  I have logged over 500 miles on them (they say as a runner you are supposed to replace every 2-300 miles....oops!)  I should take a pic of the bottom of my old shoes and share....I literally ran the tread off them!  It was time.

So (finally) on to my weekly results...(2/11 - 2/17)
Monday weight:  202.4 - down 1.4 pounds from last Monday
     (still recovering from my cheat meal I think or it might have been higher)
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  up 0.2...TOM so I wasn't surprised
Workouts last week:  6
Workout minutes:  392
Total miles last week:  27.23 - awesome! 
Times at the YMCA:  0 (traveling)

How was YOUR week??? 
Leave a comment with your Success or struggle...we are in this together!!
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  1. I like how you list your weekly results! nice to see it all in one place...

  2. Great job all around! My goal is to run a 5k without stopping!

  3. Great job! You are doing so awesome my friend! I am glad to know I was not the only one who was struggling with the whole self motivating while running. I will have a blog post about how my run went. Hope you are off to a great start this week! Miss you!

  4. You are doing fabulous. Great job on the 5Ks!

  5. I hope to get to that point where I motivate myself and don't have to rely on anyone for the motivation. One day!! Awesome job on working out while traveling!!