Sunday, February 3, 2013

January recap

To hold myself accountable to my goals I want to do a monthly recap.


Starting weight - 212.2
Ending weight - 208.2
Monthly +/-  down 4.0 pounds

Down 5.25" total for the month

·         Added variety to workouts
·         Started actually using my YMCA membership
·         Started taking group exercise classes
·         Medical numbers have improved over last year (Fasting glucose, overall glucose, BP, BMI)

2013 goals review:
  • Get to Onderland and STAY there!
    • Currently 7 pounds away!
  • Run an entire 5k (no walking)
    • Did this on 2/2!  Not an official race, but it showed me I can do it!
  • Finish a 5k in 30 min or less (I am at 40 min now)
    • About the same on this one
  • Do more outdoor running
    • Starting to do this as the weather permits in preparation for 5k season
  • Fit into my "when I was 18" jeans (size 12 Rockies)
    • still working on it!
  • Wear size 10 or less pants
    • still working on it!
  • Wear size M tops 
    • still working on it!
  • Hit 100 pound total weight loss (at 70 now)
    • Getting closer - at 74 now
  • Consistently log food in MFP and wear BM armband
    • doing well!  Haven't missed a day logging in to mfp since Jan 1!  Also have been wearing armband.
  • Continue taking measurements monthly
    • On track!
  • Complete Jillian's 30 Day Shred workout (with before and after photos/measurements)
    • My plan was to do this in Jan, but opted for more classes at the Y and changine up the workout routine instead.  Will have to pick another month for this one.
  • Do more strength training
    • On track!   
  • Add more variety to my workouts and diet
    • On track for workouts!  Still working on the diet part, but have added a few new things into the rotation.
  • Take a group fitness class at the gym
    • Done!  Taking water zumba, water tabata regularly, also have spin and muscle pump
  • Minimum weekly blog posts
    • On track thanks to Motivational Monday!  Still hoping to be better about doing other blog posts!
  • Post daily on Losing It facebook page
    • Doing pretty well on this one
So all in all it has been a successful month!

How was your January?  Are you on-track to meet your goals?  It's not too late to refocus.  Tell us what your plan is fora Fabulous February!

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