Thursday, November 29, 2012

Attn Runners, Jedi mind tricks needed!

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday my fellow friends, bloggers, and lifestyle changers!

WARNING/DISCLAIMER:  I am super cheery today (bonus points for those of you that had already guessed that one simply from the opening line).  Perhaps it was the sample of the Advocare Spark I tried this morning (guessing it has to be a placebo effect - no way the euphoria could really last all day, right).  

I personally like to credit the nice little gift I received from the scale fairy today...
That's 212.6 in case you can't read the horrible photo 
(My sincere apologies...I must have been shaking/in shock while trying to take the pic!)

That is another new low!!!!  Hot damn was I excited to see this, and especially the week after Thanksgiving!  Can you say wooooooooo hooooooooooo??!!

I have finally figured out that running is what is making my scale move in the right direction right now.  That is good news and bad news.  Good news because I LOVE seeing lower numbers on the scale!  Bad news because I HATE, HATE, HATE running.  I am learning this more and more each day.  I could walk for days and not be so miserable.  But 5 miliseconds into running and my brain and body are begging, pleading, screaming, crying, and full on tantrum throwing to stop.  I seriously have to mind eff myself the entire time....5 more minutes and you can walk some, I keep telling myself that the entire time.  I use the treadmill, so about the only way I have been getting through these long final c25k sessions is to watch tv (The Biggest Loser Season 11 - holla!) on my ipad.  TV seems to distract me from watching the clock and listening to my brain whine about not wanting to run and constantly watching the clock tick by in slow motion.  I finished season 11 this week, so I decided to try music again today....painful.  I enjoy the beat of the music.  The right song does seem to help my pace/rhythm but I need distraction to drown out the skitzo voices in my head (whiners).  28 minutes has never seemed like such an eternity before!  

Squirrel....On the plus side....only 1 official c25k session left until I am a graduate! 
(But then I just get to start over again to work on increasing my pace)

So.....what I am BEGGING you for help with is to please share your Jedi mind tricks in the comments below on how I can come to love tolerate running.  How on earth do so many of you get to the place where you enjoy (and dare I say even love) running?  Do I need a full frontal lobotomy?   Listen to subliminal messages while sleeping?  Play Ozzy records backwards?  Hypnosis?  Seriously I am about to the point I will try anything!  Help a sista out....PLEASE!!!!

Here is a little bonus pic of me for ya today, basically just because I liked the outfit and had another "I feel thin(ner)" day....LOVE those days!

It's past my bedtime so ciao peeps!

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  1. I know it's cold do this might sound crazy but I hated running when I did it on the tread mill...I run outside now and it is much more tolerable because it is way less borrrrring. Also, when you run outside you can't just stop you still have to turn around to get back to your car or home....on a treadmill ask you have to do is push stop.

  2. I never thought I would love running. But now I am training for a 1/2! I think it just takes time (it has been 10 months for me). Find something that you like to do or listen to while you are on. I like music and the peace of no kids, so I come up with fun songs that I don't often get to listen to. I hear that you can get podcasts - not sure how that works.

  3. I do not enjoy running either. I actually haven't ran (if what I do is actually called running haha) in a couple of months, but my weight loss has stalled, so I have been thinking about staring again...I am looking forward to the comments also! :)

    1. Erin, did you read my post on "slogging"? lol It is seriously a good thing others can't hear the voices in my head while I "run" SCARY!!! Major internal dialogue going on. The only and I truly me ONLY thing keeping me running is my competitive desire to complete c25k (instead of being a quitter like usual) and most importantly the fact that the scale is moving. If I wasn't losing, I would have dropped this like a hot potato long ago!!!

  4. Thank you for writing this. I feel like you read my mind! I just write the same thing about hating running but loving the benefits! I just started the C25K program myself so seeing someone who feels the same way is very motivating. My trick that I've used in the past while I was on the treadmill (which isn't very good but distracting) is to listen to a very upbeat playlist while watching CNN or something I don't need the sound for on tv. Is it probably a bad thing to do? Yes. But it works for me! : )

    Continued success and great feelings!

  5. I loathe running. Actually I hate any type of exercise so short and to the point is what works best for me. Since you are to the end of your C25K (Congratulations!!!!!! BTW) try some TABATA. You get a lot out of 20 minutes if you do it right. I usually burn about 300 calories in my 30 minute workout. Its a 5 minute warm up - 20 mins of 20 sec all out effort and then 10 sec of rest repeated - then a 5 minute cool down. If you hate running this can be done on any machines although I usually use a jump rope. I have gotten a lot out of this and the cardio results are great even in the short run. Plus I don't have a lot of time to exercise so it fits right in to my day and I even do it with my weights on my weight training days.

    PS I snoop on your blog to keep myself motivated! You are doing great!

  6. I like the time alone with myself when I run, I like the air and the sun and even the heat or the cold. I like smiling at other people, I like passing someone on the track. I love races where I get shirts or training runs where I beat some metric from last time. I love mew gadgets to track miles and pace and map and speed and variance. I HATE running. It is sometimes a chore to pick my feet up from step to step. I've been running for close to move years now - three 1/2 marathons, loads of 5,10 and 15k. Still hate it. But it gets easier to do it with the hate as time goes on. (and I had to get off the treadmill, even in the hot and cold southern weather.)

  7. I'm on my tablet which auto corrected me.... I love NEW gadgets, and have been running close to FIVE year. :)