Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My combination lock theory

I recently had an epiphany that losing weight is like trying to open a combination lock.  You can be so close, you can feel the lock start to open but even one tiny detail that is out of place will leave it stuck in place.   I am a very visual person so for me the analogy of a combination lock really sticks in my mind. 

As I have said before, I believe that all bodies are different.  They are complex machines that operate in similar ways, but no two run exactly the same.  We all have our own “fingerprint” if you will.  While general theories and plans work for many, I believe that you need to tweak things to compensate for the chemistry combination in your own body.  Hence, the introduction of my combination lock theory.  Everyone has their own unique, specific combination.  The dials may need to be tweaked differently to get my lock to open vs yours.

I feel this has been true with my weight loss journey.  If my weight loss numbers aren’t what I want them to be I start thinking of what I can do to tweak the combination lock to get it to spring open.  Did I drink enough water today?  Did I eat too many calories (or too few)?  Did I get enough sleep?  Did I have too many carbs?  Not enough protein?  Too much sugar?  Did I work out long enough?  Was it at a high intensity level?  Do I need to change my workout routine?  You get the picture. 

There are so many opinions on what is healthy and what is not that it can be difficult to navigate….low carb, low fat, “clean”, high protein, high fiber….the list could go on to infinity.  I often feel like I am on information overload.  It is hard to navigate all the information that is available out there and know what I should change to achieve the results I am looking for.

 Knowledge is power – strive to understand.  The more you learn and educate yourself, the more tools you have in your arsenal to use in your battle to lose weight and get healthier.  Do you know what your BMR is?  Do you know how exercise impacts your daily caloric needs?  What difference does the temperature of the water you drink make? 

This journey should be one of conscious decisions to lead to a lifestyle change, not a crap shoot or throwing a dart at the wall to determine what option to try today. Understand how the human body works and how changes will impact your results.   I started out not knowing the first thing about how to be healthy (obviously, I weighed 281 pounds!).  I am FAR from knowing it all, or even much, but I feel like every day I learn a new tip or trick or piece of information and I am empowered by that.  I love being in control of my results!   

Seek out sources of information to help you find the right combination!  There are lots of options all around you!
·         Experts – find knowledgeable people that are sharing information that you can easily access…tv shows, websites, facebook page updates, etc.  A few of my favorites are:
o   Chris Powell
o   Jillian Michaels
o   Dr. Oz
·         Books – I never thought I would see the day that I would be reading weight loss books, trying to gain more knowledge and insight into the battle my body is fighting.  But right now I have multiple books on my Kindle (and yes, I am actually reading them)!
o   “Choose to Lose – the 7-day Carb cycle solution” by Chris Powell
o   “Weight Loss Boss” by David Kirchoff (weight Watchers CEO)
·         Blogs – I really enjoy following specific people through their journey.  I like having an insight into their journey…what did they do that worked?  What have been their struggles and ah-ha moments?  I particularly LOVE when I can sign up to get my favorite blogs delivered right to my email inbox…no having to stalk their page for updates or worry about missing out on any because I didn’t check.  (Of course this blog has that feature…are you signed up??)

I feel like I am hitting a plateau again.  My weight loss numbers are slowing down significantly.  Yes, the constant birthday and holiday celebrations of the summer are not helping but I also wonder if my body is getting used to my routine.  I am a creature of habit.  I like routine.  It is easy, comfortable, predictable…safe.   As I mentioned before, I just love watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.  I am so amazed by the training Chris Powell does.  He is able to help people achieve amazing results in such a short amount of time.  While often such significant change isn’t sustainable and just comes back, I am following several of the “contestants” from this season and the lifestyle changes they have made seem to be lasting.  He is someone I admire for the way he motivates and encourages people.  As I also mentioned I have started reading his book.  I am intrigued to read more about his carb cycle theory.  Is this the combination I need to open my lock?  We’ll see.  If nothing else, it’s another weapon in my arsenal.

It's Q&A time...What things do you feel like are your greatest weapons or the things that have opened your lock? Now your turn!  Leave a comment to answer.....GO!

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