Monday, July 9, 2012

Last week....I killed it!

So last week was a GREAT week for me with far my absolute best (so far).  It helped that I worked from home 3 days (so I could work out over my lunch break), had a holiday, and a vacation day (yes, I even worked out on the holiday and my vacation day....crazy!) so I got good workouts in 5 of the 7 days.

I thought I would share my stats with you.  I really have to say I am quite proud of myself.  :o)  This is why I keep the see how far I've come and to celebrate the victories!!!

Let me preface this by saying my goal is 150 min of exercise a week (that's 2.5 hours).  I KILLED it this week.  I got in a total of 5 hours and 6 minutes.  Not too shabby. A few other numbers that are noteworthy (for me anyway)....
I logged a total of 14.208 on the treadmill.
I jogged a total of 8.5 minutes (for me that is HUGE!!!)
I logged a total of 59 minutes on the elliptical.
I logged 10 minutes on the rowing machine (erg).

I know these numbers are not amazing by the standards of most.  But for a person that absolutely DETESTED physical activity and didn't think about working out a year ago (heck, even 6 months ago) this is HUGE progress for me.  

I appreciate you all for supporting (not judging) me and giving me this forum to vent and realize just how far I have come.  I am so thankful. 

For those of you that haven't started on the exercise yet, are just getting started, or aren't where you want to be yet.....just get started and keep going.  Don't give up.  Celebrate the successes. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

So here's to another week even better than this in the near future!  Keep on pushing all!

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  1. I think that is awesome! I found your blog on Pinterest, and I have to say you are giving me motivation!


  2. So glad you found the blog! It warms my heart to be able to give even a shred of inspiration or motivation to someone else. Heck if I can do this there is hope for anyone! Best of luck to you on your journey. Keep me posted on how it's going!! Hope you become a regular here! :o) Thanks!