Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivational Monday - 3/4/13

It's getting late tonight, so I will make this a short and to the point post tonight (what a novel concept!  You can all thank me later lol)
This is a good quote for today.  I was not in the mood for a 2nd workout tonight after I got home from work (I went to the YMCA over lunch and did weights).  I was tired and would have much preferred to plop my butt on the couch.  But it was Biggest Loser night and that means workout on the treadmill.  I knew that if I got on and started I would feel better and be glad I did it.  And that was exactly what happened.  I even finished my 5k intervals instead of just walking the entire thing!  It wasn't my fastest, strongest, or best, but I did it!  I am glad that I have set goals for myself.  I am glad that I share them with you all so that I can hold myself accountable.  But mostly I am proud that I have made the choice to change my life and do it even when I don't want to.....sooooo worth it!!!!

Not a bad workout for not wanting to do it lol.

My weekly results...(2/26-3/3)
Monday weight:  202.2 (up 0.8 from last Monday)
     not surprised after getting a GREAT number on the scale last week - typical for me to rebound a bit after :-(
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  up 0.2
Workouts last week:  7
Workout minutes:  401
Total miles last week:   21.83
Times at the YMCA:  2 

Scale results SUCKED after my visit to Onederland on Friday :-(  I can really tell I haven't been to the grocery store for produce and fruit since I got back from my business trip last week.  While I have still been eating within my calories and making healthy choices, those fresh greens and some fruit make a HUGE difference!!!!  I have GOT to fix that ASAP!!!

Some other highlights of the week:

  • I jogged another practice 5k again on Sunday!  My last practice run before the first 5k of the season next Sat!  And I am thrilled to announce it was another personal record for my outdoor 5k's!
  • I made it to ONEDERLAND for a brief visit on Friday, hitting 199.4 on the scale.  I am working to get the 200's behind me for good!  Give me a couple of weeks.
  • I said no to seconds of a very yummy (but healthy) meal and dessert and maintained good portion control while visiting my mom & dad on Sunday....this is a BIG deal for me!!!

My photo this week is a after tonight's workout (I just wasn't feeling it after work tonight) and in the same outfit before my last 5k last season in October.  A difference of 14.8 pounds....not too shabby!  Not sure I see a ton of difference in the two pics, but I know its there!

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  1. Woot on Onderland! And that is a fabulous quote!