Monday, March 25, 2013

Accountability Monday - 3/25/13

I feel like I have been away from the blog forever!  Life has been super busy and I find myself posting to the facebook page more because it is quick and easy.  If you’re not following there YOU SHOULD BE!  Go now – and LIKE it!  My blog posts tend to get wordy (I know, you’re shocked).  While life has been super busy for me, I had the best of intentions to post my Monday accountability post after the Biggest Loser finale last week.  Buuuuuuut instead I got hit with a stomach bug that put me out of commission.  Boo!  But I have to say that I have been VERY lucky this winter avoiding most of the germies that had been making the rounds.  So the 1-day bug wasn’t too terrible.  Now if I could just get the allergy/sinus yuck to go away, life would be super grand!

I continue to be amazed at how good I feel these days!  I don't ever remember feeling this good - having this much energy, this much zest for life, this much of a sense of peace.  I am LOVING this new lifestyle!!!

Soooooo…I feel like I have lots to catch you up on.
  • Weight loss has been very good for me the last couple of weeks.  I am solidly into the 190’s and think it is safe to say that I plan to never see a 200 weight again!
  • I achieved 30% weight loss and 85 pounds gone milestones last week
  • I competed in my second 5k race of the season and finished with another new personal record – 38:44 (last year my time for the same race, my first 5k, was 57:59)
  • I have made it into size 14 jeans!
  • I need to plan another shopping trip….it is getting harder to find clothes in my closet that aren’t baggy again!
  • I am starting to see some baby muscles beginning to emerge in my arms and legs.  Still lost of work needed to tone, but I am making some progress (and getting away from being the cardio queen)
Top - 2012 Run 2 Believe first race!  Who knew it would be so addicting?!??!
Bottom - 2013 Run 2 Believe 5k

My weekly results...(3/4-3/10)
Monday weight:  193.8 (down 3.0 from last Monday) - loss of 87.2 pounds to date
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  down 2.0
Workouts last week:  6 (3 rest days though due to illness and scheduling)
Workout minutes:  284
Total miles last week:   3.1 - due to being sick the only running I did was my 5k race
Times at the YMCA:  4

 Weekly pic (finally a different outfit!)
The skirt and the shirt are size LARGE!   I am really hoping to be able to rid my closet of x's for good very soon!   I bought the skirt earlier this summer on clearance for about $10 I think and am now able to wear it comfortably. I love the versatility....I think this will be super cute this summer too with a fun pair of black sandals! 

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