Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivation Monday - 3/11/13

Ok folks, this is gonna be a quick and dirty post...mainly just to keep myself accountable with a weekly Monday post and my weigh in.  Not a lot a frills (or words) tonight (you can thank me later).  It has been one heck of a busy weekend and I am trying to play catch up!  I have several post topics in the queue for you, so be patient....they are coming!

I need to confess to you all (well those that don't already follow me on MFP) that my eating has been a little higher than I wanted lately.  Still not too bad and pretty healthy choices, but some of the meals and snacks have been a little larger than they should have been and all of those little calories add up over the course of the day.  And I am sure last night's diary wasn't quite accurate, as I got a major case of the munchies last night and grazed while cooking dinner, so not sure I logged all of the food that went into my mouth.  But I am here to call myself out and with this pic, remind myself that my goals and most importantly my HEALTH and overcoming the addictive tendencies I have toward food are more important than the food I think I want to eat at the moment.  But I will not let a few slightly off days steer me off course.  I will celebrate my victories and size the opportunities for begins another week!!!  (well so much for quick and dirty, eh??)

My weekly results...(3/4-3/10)
Monday weight:  202.0 (down 0.2 from last Monday)
Weekly scale +/- (Mon-Sun all weights):  down 4.0 (mostly thanks to a great weigh in Sunday! But still yo-yoing this week)
Workouts last week:  6
Workout minutes:  324
Total miles last week:   16.39
Times at the YMCA:  2 

Highlights of the week:

  • Of course my PERSONAL RECORD 5k race!!!  39:22 minute official time....wooooooooo hoooooooooo!
  • Having the energy and ability to play with my daughter on the inflatables at a birthday party.....priceless!!
  • Seeing Onederland on the scale again (and even a smidge lower this time!)...oh I can't wait for the day it comes to stay for GOOD!!!
  • Fitting into a Large tshirt and realizing that it is way more flattering than the old larger size ones in my closet!
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