Friday, June 22, 2012

Did I just miss the end of the world??

Ok, I think I missed the end of the world!!  Something really crazy happened already this morning....I got up early to exercise.....GASP!!!!  Yeah, anyone that knows me well knows I am a total night owl.  Mornings are NOT my thing.  In fact, they are the root of all evil in my book.  I would sleep until noon every day if given the chance....but I'm not.....I have kids, so that means no sleep.

So why the radical change you ask?  What happened to shift the planets into alignment?  Well, I have been having trouble getting my workouts in during the evenings.  My husband is working 12 hour shifts in a very physical job so when he gets home at 6:30, he is TIRED!  Sometimes he falls asleep in the chair....I don't blame him one bit!  So I have dinner to get ready and entertaining a 3 year old who hasn't seen us all day and is clingy!   And I feel guilty not spending time with her when she wants it and working out instead.  So I usually try to go get on the treadmill after she goes to bed, but some nights I have just lost any motivation to workout by that point.   And yes, to those that think I am crazy, sometimes working out in the evening makes it harder for me to go to sleep.

So since I have been having trouble getting my workouts in this week, I decided to try a morning workout.  So I set the clock about 20 minutes earlier and did 15 minutes on the elliptical - which by the way is becoming my new best workout friend (well isn't THAT an oxymoron!) since I can burn a lot more calories on it faster than on the treadmill.  I still like the treadmill best overall, but who doesn't love to get a better workout in less time....uh yeah, me for sure!  The less time I have to spend working out and the more calories I burn doing it (while not hating it) the better!

So here's to continued improvement on my journey to being healthier....who'd-a-thunkit??  Not me, that's for sure!  I'd better go buy a lottery ticket today!  Happy Friday y'all!!!  :o)

and bonus points for the totally appropriate photo!!!  :o)

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  1. haha this is great! I am definitely not a morning person either but since getting married and my husband having to get up early for work I am slowly turning into one. Its so crazy! I could definitely sleep til noon as well! Great job on finding the motivation to work out this morning, keep it up!