Sunday, June 24, 2012

The big 5-0!!!!!

Well my birthday is coming up (next month), but it won't be the big 5-0 yet.  I am referring to hitting the big 5-0 in weight lost.......wooooooo hooooooo!  What a change this year has been!  50 pounds gone....I just can't even comprehend it.  I can't believe it.  It seems surreal.  I still feel like I will wake up from a dream and be back to 280 pounds again.  But I am celebrating this huge milestone and continuing on with the positive changes I have made this year.  It's crazy to see how differently I am eating and the fact that I am actually working out on a semi-regular basis.

I am so thankful for whatever it was that sparked these changes.  I still don't know what exactly it was.  Possibly seeing myself looking like a beached whale in a photo my mom took last year.  But I am thankful to whatever it was and even more glad that it has continued.  I have never stuck to changes like this for even close to this length of time. I am thankful for the progress, for the motivation, and for feeling better than I ever have before. I am truly blessed!

Here is a comparison photo....Father's Day 2011 and today (forgive the lack of makeup and terrible hair...we were in the pool today).  50 pounds lighter.

Thanks to you all for your support in my journey....through the good and the bad.  Here's to another great year!


  1. Congrats! Found your blog while looking for new body by vi recipes. Keep up your discipline and stay strong,

  2. So glad you found the blog! Hope you become a regular here! :o)

  3. Wow this is awesome!!! You look great! Great job!