Sunday, October 21, 2012

My fourth 5k race of the year

Today I did my fourth 5k race of the year.  Little did I know when I started this just how addicting it really was!  If you would have asked anyone I know if they were willing to bet money on me doing a 5k, let alone multiple ones and especially jogging during any of it you could have made some cha-ching!  

My official time for the 5k today was 47:24. I am proud of that for several reasons...

  • I shaved 10 MINUTES off of my 1st 5k time (just this spring on 3/24)!!! 
  • I jogged 12 minutes of this one today (thank you c25k!) 
  • I kept a good pace during my walking easy feat since it was about 85 degrees out (and I don't do hot...aka anything over 73 degrees), windy and a kinda hilly course (compared to the others I have done...this is flat KS peeps!).
And I have to give a shout out to my awesome hubs for joining in the fun and doing his 2nd 5k and besting his last ROCK babe!  

I am already looking forward to the next one and having an even better time.  I was even bummed to hear that there is a 5k I will be missing the weekend my hubby and I are out of town to celebrate our anniversary.  I know, I have LOST IT!  But not enough to change the trip and do the race.  There will always be more!  

Here are a few pics from today...

Before - 

After....with my partner in crime and good friend, Robin.  So thankful to have that girl push me along today!

My official race results:

My heart rate data (love, love, LOVE my HRM!!!!)


  1. You look gorgeous! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Check out my post for more details! Your awesome!

    1. Jessica, thank you soooooo much girl! I am humbled and honored.....thanks!

  2. Hey! I have Nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! To find more info go to my blog and check it out here.

    When you finish make sure to comment and let me know its posted so I can check yours out!

    1. Thank you soooo much Michelle!!! I am humbled and honored! I will be writing up my post on that this rock! :o)