Friday, May 25, 2012

Lane Bryant sale...the only bra I will wear

The bra a girl wears can make a HUGE difference in how she looks!!!!!  No one wants saggy boobs, spillage, etc.  A bra that fits well can make you look slimmer.  As a "well endowed" girl, I used to have the WORST time trying to find bras that fit and supported well and were flattering to my unflattering figure.  Especially when I got heavy enough that I couldn't get a bra just anywhere because I was over a DD.  If you are larger than that it is sooooooo hard to find a bra.  And just forget finding any cute or sexy ones in larger sizes.  They are virtually non-existent!  That was, until I found Lane Bryant's bras.....queue heavenly "aaaaaaaaaaaah" music.

Lane Bryant bras fit AMAZING!!!!  They have fantastic lift and support, they are comfortable, they last a long time.  The stores don't carry many of the really larger sizes (or at least they didn't use's been a while since I checked and things may have changed), but you can take your measurements (or they can help you in the store to ensure you get the right fit) and you can order up to a size H online.....woop woop!  I took my own measurements the first time I ordered online, assuming I would have to send it back, but it was a perfect fit!  They even have cute, fun and sexy colors and now prints for the larger sizes.  A far cry from the past when big girls could only get white and black.

Since I have lost 40+ pounds now, my bras are fitting much differently.  I have the hooks on the tightest possible and they are starting to fit loosely.  Also the cups are getting too big.  So I bought a tape measure yesterday (and it's even pink!) so I could measure and see what size I really am now to order new ones.  Imagine my delight when I got an email from Lane Bryant yesterday that they are having a Memorial Day one get one free on bras (and lots of other sale deals) through Monday......SQUEEL!!!!  Talk about divine intervention!   I wanted to share with all of you in case you want to take advantage of the sale too!!!!  Happy shopping ladies!!!

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